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Thomas Dawson Interview Commodores - ThoT.E.I. The Social Juice
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Thomas Dawson - Music Director, Film Producer, Composer

Accomplished recording engineer, musician, producer and composer, Thomas Dawson is at the forefront of music technology trends. He plays keyboards, co- produces and is the music director for the legendary Commodores Worked with music greats including Beyonce and JLO. A & R representative for Dream Gospel Records.

Thomas Thomas Dawson’s experience and training as a musician combined with his knowledge of computer technology has made him one of the most sought after studio engineers in the business. along with associate Jessie Pachecoo own and operate Mountain Nest Recording and Mastering Studios located in Colorado Springs. They are currently in production on several soon to be released CDS.

Thomas is the recipient of a BET Jazz Discovery award and a Gold Album for his work with Changing Faces. Versatility is an understatement director of entertainment for the Mining Exchange-A Wyndham Grand Hotel and Springs Orleans restaurant in Colorado Springs.

Thomas Dawson
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