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Vanessa Kelly - Breast Cancer Survivor and Mary Kay Rep.

Vanessa is married to her wonderful husband John for 40 years.
They have 2 sons Brandon 37 and Alex 28. They enjoy traveling, fun, sports, music, and shopping.

Vanessa is a member of the Trinity Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, St. Louis, Missouri where the pastor is Michael G. Cleveland. She is part of the Music Ministry, Youth Ministry, Prison Ministry and the Couples Ministry.

Vanessa started her Mary Kay business, November 1995. She totally enjoys selling this amazing product and empowering women.

Vanessa believes that, a woman that looks and feel good is a powerful creature. With the change in the economic climate, it is important for women to have an avenue to earn extra money. Vanessa is proud to be associated with a company that has been around since 1963 and has her moral values.

In 2001, Vanessa decided to move up to the top 2% in Mary Kay. This required a 4 month qualification period. The day after Vanessa submitted, her commitment card, she discovered a lump in her breast during a self exam. It was Cancer.

God was putting Vanessa in Position for a Blessing!

During her four months of chemotherapy, Vanessa conducted business meetings as usual with her sales team. At the end of her four months of chemotherapy, Vanessa had also achieved her goal of Independent Sales Director. Her desire is to be an inspiration to women facing trials and tribulations in their lives and to be a testament of God’s grace and mercy!


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